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June 30, 2007


Donna Menke

Sounds like all the usual problems in setting up new equipment. Ah, if only everything came really ready to go. I too have an engineer hubby- who comes in handy for finding different bolts, lifting heavy objects, tightening things tighter than I can, and admiring my work. That last is especially important. without his encouragement I'm sure my enthusiasm would wane.
The first project in the book is not the easiest. I would suggest either the Chickie Box or the Nested Ovals/Earth Boxes for your next project. I don't recall what wood you are using for your first box, but I encourage you to use some hard wood for the next one. There is a lot of difference in the workability and finish on a hard wood box. Red oak and ash are not very expensive and make nice boxes. Also, fence posts in redwood or cedar make an inexpensive source of good sized blocks for boxes. Just make sure whatever you use is good and dry. Warping after finish is never a good thing. Good Luck- and I cannot wait to see some photos. Donna Menke

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