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June 18, 2007


champagne maker

:-)Please send me a photo of your finished project! Wonder why your cable came out lopsided? I have not had that complaint b4. Where did you buy my pattern? I can't wait to see your bag. I have a new knitted clutch for fall and I'm looking for interesting handles. Any ideas?


Champagne Maker, I picked your pattern up at Charlotte Yarn a month or so ago as a portable project to take to the hospital for my husband's surgery. As for the errant cable, it wasn't the directions that was at fault but rather my error on the second half of the bag and since no matter how many times I redid the pattern it kept on happening I let the center cable space itself. It is consistent and not very obvious, so oh well. It's one reason I usually do not even use patterns much. I'll send a picture when I turn the other handle - only one is done so far.

Champagne Maker

Hey! Was just checking back to see if you had finished the other handle. I can't wait to see what you've made!!! Don't forget to send me a picture!!! Ciao


I haven't had the time to finish the other handle ;-( I have been interviewing every weekend for a new position and every free minute is spent doing the routine jobs required to run a household. At least knitting is portable, while the woodworking is not. I can't wait for the craziness to calm down. KGG

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