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January 09, 2008


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Thank you for your thoughts... I do belive that rescuing animals in great and inportant. But each family needs to think about what is safe and more ideal for them. An example would be if a family had a new infant would it be better to start with a new animal or one that you can adobt but has issues. Say when it get nervous because of past abuse it bites. So again I would have to take all facts into acount. But I LOVE animals...


First off ALL BIRDS BITE. It doesn't matter whether they are hand raised by you or rescues, they are only semi- domesticated and should never be left alone around young children even when they children are educated in how to handle them. Some Avian experts even go so far to say that birds should never even be allowed to sit on their owner's shoulder or head, but I have always allowed my birds to shoulder sit, even with a few nips to my lips and nose - mostly when they feel their balance is in jeopardy.

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Animals are second to human. They do have spirits and feel what we are feeling. Im so touched with this story.

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